The Banyak Islands are one of Indonesia’s best surfing destinations, with small crowds and world-class waves.


The high season runs from April till October. This is when the Indian Ocean becomes alive and brings large consistent swells. The high season may get busier, but the crowds are still mellow compared to Mentawais, Nias or Simeulue. For no crowds and smaller waves we recommend a little less consistent period from November till March. Glassy surf in the 2-4 ft range is common in off season and ideal time of year for intermediate surfers and those who are looking to get plenty of wave time. 

kang kung

The only wave on Pinang is very sensitive to swell direction and works only with large swell. It is shallow and incredibly fast left hander that works on rare occasions if all things come together.

Bay of Plenty

15 minutes by boat from Pinang


Wide bay on the SW shore of Pulau Tuangku offers some great waves on demand. It works between NW-SE winds, so if the lefts are blowing, the rights are usually clean. The whole bay needs SW swells to get around Nias. With south swells, Treasure Island can have 6ft waves and the Bay is flat.


On the north side of the bay, it’s a fun skate park when small, but can be challenging when a big swell hits. It’s the most consistent wave in the area. Works on all swells and tides and gets better with the push. The end section offers an easy but shallow barrel.


The left peeling along the south point of the bay is an excellent wave for experienced riders, producing big carving walls that turn into hollower sections over the inside reef. It needs a big swell or it’s too shallow.

Pinang Island Waves Lolok 1


This wave breaks between Lolok and Gunters inside the bay. Friendly long left that peel predictably is ideal for cruising turns or lip combos. Works better when bigger as it is shallow when small.

Pulau Bangkaru

50 minutes by boat from Pinang


At Bangkaru Island you will find quality, consistent waves Treasure Island, Cobras and Turtles.

Treasure Island

One of Indonesian’s best world class pointbreak in a pristine environment. A right hander that can offer up to 4 sections of throwing tube linked by ripable walls for over 250 meters. Likes a bit more south in the swell and works best with NW winds. Further inside the bay is the Minis, a playful right with a short barrel that works with big swells.


An epic left-hander, named for it’s hollow shape that produces long, fast tubes. A swell magnet, this is the spot to go when the bay is too small.


Diverse, walling left at the northern tip of picturesque Pelanggaran Beach, popular with egg-laying turtles. The wave is usually empty as it is difficult to see the conditions from the channel. The beach is not accessible without a special permit.