pinang island surf camp indonesia
pinang island surf camp indonesia

Our beachfront bungalows provide an ultimate joy, just a few steps away from the ocean. Each unit enjoys daily housekeeping, supported by standing fans, fresh towels, and mosquito nets. There is a water filter at your disposal and WiFi plus electric sockets, allowing you to stay connected and recharge your batteries.

Pinang Island Housing Family Bungalow 38


Ideal for families

4-6 people

42 square metres

Inside we have three king-size double beds offering a dreamy sleep haven, ideal for a four to six person party. You can relax in style on beanbags by the campfire, surrounded by soothing ocean views.

There is a coconut table and chairs for intimacy and a driftwood desk with a comfortable chair, and an outdoor hammock and conversation table.

The latest addition is a Tropical Jungle Bathroom
which took us over a month to create , using mostly local materials. The en-suite bathroom has a skyview shower, western style toilet, sink and mirror to create an authentic jungle experience.


Pinang Island Housing Driftwood Cabin 16
Pinang Island Accommodation


Ideal for COUPLES

2-3 people

45 square metres

A king-size bed made from local driftwood and a single bed make this room perfect for two or three people. The private semi-open bathroom has a western style toilet, basin and mirror. You can also refresh yourself under the driftwood shower, a very natural experience.

Afterwards you can relax on your patio with a well crafted table, plus chairs and a hammock.

Inside we have a local driftwood worktable and a comfortable chair for your creative moments.

Pinang Island Accommodation

Two Coconut Bungalows

Perfect for FRIENDS

2 people

24 square metres

Two single beds comfortably accommodate travellers or friends, with direct access to the beach for ultimate relaxation. Equipped with a coconut wood tables, there is also a work desk with a comfortable chair for your convenience, an the outside with a roof covered hammock and bean bag offering a cosy spot with ocean views. Bathroom facilities include two showers and three toilets, which are shared with two other bungalows.

Pinang Island accomodation A frame bungalow

“A” Frame Bungalow

Perfect for Couples

2 people

26 square metres

Here is a distinctive A-frame design bungalow made from local wood with a king size double bed. We finished it the day of our first retreat.

Driftwood hammock holders and entrance add to the rustic charm.

Relax at a locally made coconut table in a rainproof environment with a hammock and bean bag chair.

Facilities include two showers and three toilets shared with two other bungalows and direct access to the beach for your morning swim.

pinang island accommodation


We offer a 20% discount if you book by 30 June 2024.

Groups of 4-7 receive
an additional 5%
(25% total discount)

groups of 8-12 RECEIVE
(30% total discount )

Bring your child
under 12 and
get a further
20% discount!


180 USD (approx. 260 AUD / 160 EUR)

After 20% discount 144 USD (approx. 220 AUD)

After 25% discount 135 USD (approx. 203 AUD)

After 30% discount 126 USD (approx. 189 AUD)

Per night and person



– Airport transfers from / to Singkil Airport or Nias

– Accommodation in bungalows (2 & 2 & 3 & 6 pax)

– Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

– All-day coffee, tea and fruits

– Yoga and Fitness Programmes (depending on Instructor availability)

– Daily cleaning service

– Fresh towels and linen every week

– Starlink Satellite and 4G Wi-Fi

– Snorkelling, skurfing, fishing, spearfishing, SUP, kayak and castaway lifestyle



220 USD (approx. 320 AUD / 200 EUR)

After 20% discount 176 USD (approx. 265 AUD)

After 25% discount 165 USD (approx. 249 AUD)

After 30% discount 154 USD (approx. 235 AUD)

Per night and person


includes everything in the CASTAWAY package, plus:

– Daily surf trips to Bay of Plenty or Sarang Aloe

– Two surf trips per stay to Bangkaru Island or Tankers 

– Surf guide

YoU can Rent the entire island and revel in complete privacy.



10.7. - 20.7.

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24.10. - 4.11.

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5.12. - 16.12.

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16.12. - 26.12.

Christmas and NYE Buyout Available

26.12. - 2.1.

Christmas and NYE Buyout Available

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