Retreats and Surf Adventure on a Private Island. Save Up to 30% on Packages.


is located on the western tip of Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s a protected tropical paradise hidden from the rest of the world. Our secluded location, surrounded by pristine nature, allows us to host various retreats and cater for surfers and adventurous families. We are a special blend of Indonesian sanctuary, sustainable living, and wildlife conservation, a perfect match for those seeking an authentic getaway.  Pinang is like no other place on Earth.

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Uncrowded waves

The Banyak Islands boast some of the finest surf spots in Indonesia without the overcrowding found elsewhere. We are just minutes away from the Bay of Plenty and Treasure Island, the unspoilt world-class surf spots. Not suitable for beginners, but perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers, over 15 waves offer an ideal balance of challenge and manageability. Our friend and expert surf guide will check the conditions daily and take you to the best breaks, including some secret spots known only to a few.



Organise your own

What about having your own island just for you and your community? We specialise in hosting various retreats and offer a tailor-made service. Whether you are a retreat leader or our guest, you will find heaven here.

pinang island accommodation



We provide 10 or 11-night stay so you can fully enjoy what Banyak Islands and Pinang have to offer.

We’ve built five tropical cottages right on the beach. Driftwood bungalow accommodates 2-3 people, the Family cabin can accommodate 4-6 people and three Coconut bungalows accommodates 2 people.

Food is prepared in a separate kitchen by our friendly staff three times a day using local ingredients. Solar energy and a generator power your phone and we also offer Wi-Fi free of charge.

Pinang Private Island



The easiest way to Pinang is by flying to Medan, Kualanamu International Airport.

There is a direct flight to Medan from Doha, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, or Jakarta. Upon arrival in Medan, a short flight takes you to Nias or Singkil, from where we take care of you. For the purest experience, travel is a necessity.


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Prioritizing safety above all else, Pinang Island ensures maximum security for both maritime and island adventure. Our sturdy fiber boat, led by an experienced and certified captain, equipped with advanced safety measures, and twin 200 HP engines provides a safe voyage at sea. On the island, we regularly clean coconut trees, eliminating the risk of falling coconuts in guest areas. Your safety is our commitment.

Pinang Island Christmas & NYE



Become a castaway and experience a unique Indonesian retreat with rejuvenating yoga sessions, jungle trekking, secluded beaches, snorkelling, surfing, diving excursions, fishing, spearfishing adventures, and the opportunity to watch turtles nest on Bangkaru Island.

Our ultimate goal is to become self-sufficient, supply our nutritional needs and create opportunities for fair share within the region. 

Key to fulfilling these aspirations is our internationally designed Permaculture Centre.

Pinang Island Indonesia


We offer a 20% discount if you book by 30 June 2024.

Groups of 4-7 receive
an additional 5%
(25% total discount)

groups of 8-12 RECEIVE
(30% total discount )

Bring your child
under 12 and
get a further
20% discount!


180 USD (approx. 260 AUD / 160 EUR)

After 20% discount 144 USD (approx. 220 AUD)

After 25% discount 135 USD (approx. 203 AUD)

After 30% discount 126 USD (approx. 189 AUD)

Per night and person



– Airport transfers from / to Singkil Airport or Nias

– Accommodation in bungalows (2 & 2 & 3 & 6 pax)

– Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

– All-day coffee, tea and fruits

– Yoga and Fitness Programmes (depending on Instructor availability)

– Daily cleaning service

– Fresh towels and linen every week

– Starlink Satellite and 4G Wi-Fi

– Snorkelling, skurfing, fishing, spearfishing, SUP, kayak and castaway lifestyle



220 USD (approx. 320 AUD / 200 EUR)

After 20% discount 176 USD (approx. 265 AUD)

After 25% discount 165 USD (approx. 249 AUD)

After 30% discount 154 USD (approx. 235 AUD)

Per night and person


includes everything in the CASTAWAY package, plus:

– Daily surf trips to Bay of Plenty or Sarang Aloe

– Two surf trips per stay to Bangkaru Island or Tankers 

– Surf guide

YoU can Rent the entire island and revel in complete privacy.



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Christmas and NYE Buyout Available

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Christmas and NYE Buyout Available

Google reviews

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Veru x
Veru x
Chtěla jsem to ZAŽÍT 🫶 Bydlet přímo na pláži, na ostrově, který ti vezme dech. Tyrkysová voda, bílý písek, žádní lidé, prostě Ráj na zemi. Lépe to už mé představy snad ani neumí vymyslet 🏝👌. Domeček na pláži jen sama pro sebe, z toho co ostrov dal, samé přírodní materiály, dřevo, palmy, žádné stěny. Absolutně v přímem kontaktu s přírodou. Ticho které léčí. Houpací síť, ve které jsem strávila hodiny jen sama se sebou. Usínat a budit se s šuměním moře, poslouchat vlny jak přichází a odchází, burácení hromu při bouřce, vidět blesky, které rozsvítí celou oblohu. Svit měsíce v úplňku, který ti svítí přímo do postele, mraky jako živý obraz. Spát jen tak na královském loži jen s lehkým přehozem, protože teplota je i v noci příjemná a oblečení není potřeba. Lehký vánek ti profukuje domečkem, vlní ti závoji nad hlavou, které drží hmyzí kamarády od těla. Usínat a budit se když se ti chce, protože bez hodin se řídíš jen svojí přirozeností. Po probuzení vklouznout nahá do moře a udělat si peeling celého těla bílým pískem. K tomu vynikající místní jídlo, spousty zralé papáji, ananasu, melounů, dračího ovoce, ryb a perfektní péče místních. Žhavé rovníkové slunce a pestrý seberozvojový program navrch. Ideální místo na hluboký odpočinek a totální reset 👌
Michaela Jančeková
Michaela Jančeková
I would love to highly recommend Pinang Island to everyone looking for a beautiful, abundant, and enriching paradise. Because this place truly is. Service is amazing, food is hilarious, energy is powerful, views are stunning, I can’t really find other words. Thank you Pinang Island team for all you did for us❤️ I am excited to come again🙏💫 see you soon🌴
Ivan Lieman
Ivan Lieman
It was a memorable stay with the crew at Pinang! Can’t recommend it enough. Well done and keep it up. ✨
Zuzana Kaufman
Zuzana Kaufman
We were longing for an escape to a remote island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, ideally close to the equator. After zooming in on Google Maps, we stumbled upon Pinang Island. It seemed to offer a peaceful, secluded sanctuary away from the crowds, where we could recharge and escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. But it turned out to be much more than that. We fell in love with the simplicity of the resort and accommodations, yet they boasted all the modern comforts of the 21st century. The resort was exclusive, hosting only up to 10 guests alongside locals and managers, totaling up to 30 people. I was touched by the warmth and inclusivity; as soon as we arrived by boat, both staff and fellow guests warmly welcomed us. There was never a dull moment on the island. From morning and afternoon yoga classes to lively volleyball matches and leisurely beach time, there was always something exciting to engage in. Richard, the resort's PR manager, even took us on a trek around the island, sharing its captivating history. His passion for the permaculture garden he founded left me longing for the delicious papayas he grows. And if ever we tired of our island activities, there was the option to venture to Bangkaru Island to witness the enchanting sight of turtle nesting and egg-laying. Indeed, paradise had to be earned, and the long journey to get there was just a part of the adventure. All the troubles of the journey were instantly forgotten upon landing. A heartfelt thank you to the team for their hospitality; I cherished the sense of community there, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Val Iwaszko
Val Iwaszko
This place is fantastic. The owners who run the place with a bunch of talented friendly locals are awesome. The agenda is a deep commitment to conservation and species protection. As a surfer they couldn’t have done more to deliver me to the best local waves. The food was authentic Indonesian, varied, healthy and delicious. This place really is an organic eco haven. Highly recommended.
Nomi Khan
Nomi Khan
Nice to see your website its great
Aneta Lacinova
Aneta Lacinova
Připluli jsme s partnerem doslova do ráje🏝️😍! Od první chvíle jsme měli pocit, jako by nám někdo střelil do žil všechno, co nás vyživuje a dělá dobře. Ta energie se nedá popsat, ta se musí zažít🔥. Je to nezapomenutelný zážitek mít celý ostrov pro sebe daleko od civilizace a všedního shonu. Nadstandardně se tady o nás staral správce ostrova Richard na vlně totální empatie a také Indonéští usměvaví zaměstnanci. Dalo by se říct, že je to taková jedna rodina neskutečně pohodových a srdečných lidí různého vyznání, kteří společně žijou svůj sen a téměř soběstačnost v ráji. Bylo vidět, že jim na naši spokojenosti od srdce záleží💞. Moc se mi líbí způsob otevřeného ubytování s čerstvým vánkem moře přímo do postele. Člověk se cítí více propojený s přírodou a to je moc příjemné. Velmi jsme si užili šnorchlování. Viděli jsme želvy, nádherně barevné rybičky i různobarevné hvězdice🤿🪸🐳. Pokud si chcete dopřát něco, co vás skutečně vyživí a kde si dáte pohov od vnějšího světa, tak toto místo je naprosto ideální. Jsem z něho nadšená tak moc, že jsem se rozhodla na něm uspořádat seberozvojový pobyt pro mé klienty. A už se nemůžu dočkat jak se na ostrov opět vrátím a ukážu tento ráj dalším dobrodružným duším. Stojí to za to! Děkuji, že s láskou tvoříte takové kouzelné místo🙏🏼. A+V🐉🐉
Kristyna Hruskova
Kristyna Hruskova
Nádherné místo s panenskou přírodou a průzračným blankytně modrým mořem. Pod vodou jsou vidět krásné korály, ryby a i želvy. Je to dechberoucí přírodní ráj, vynikající jídlo a moc milý personál.
Alena Pokorová
Alena Pokorová
Ráj na zemi? Existuje! Úžasné místo s krásnou energií, kde si odpočine nejen tělo, ale i duše. Celý pobyt jsme si velice užili. Dokonalé písečné pláže s bílým pískem a azurovou vodou. Moc milí zaměstnanci a skvělé jídlo. Survování, jóga, šnorchlování - to vše jsme si vyzkoušeli. Co je víc, než mít pro sebe celý ostrov. :) Moc děkujeme a určitě se ještě vrátíme.
Leona Nečedová
Leona Nečedová
Absolutely fantastic place that looks like paradise. Beautiful white beaches and turquoise water. You will experience here the connection with nature, the beautiful bungalows are located right on the beach and you have a few meters to the superb beach and beautiful snorkeling. The staff was extremely nice and caring. The staff are local people with a big heart. On the island you can enjoy yoga in the new beautiful yoga shala, where you can ride also surfskate, play volleyball, walk through the jungle, snorkel, fish, surf. You can also visit the big permaculture garden, where fruits and vegetables are grown in harmony with nature. Their papaya is absolutely fantastic! I've never eaten better. Also worth mentioning is the good food that the local nice lady cooks. For breakfast there are excellent pancakes or rice porridge with coconut milk and lots of fruit. The main course is usually fish, chicken or fried rice and vegetables. This place is suitable for people who don't mind close contact with wildlife and animals.


Get lost in the Wet Lands, climb Clove Hill, meditate near Giant Bringin, or explore Bamboo Forest. Pinang boasts all these features and more.

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